Parties start the process to establish the Commission of Truth, Healing

The First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar with the Ministers and technical Committee on Commission of Truth, Healing and reconciliation, during the launch of the process on Wednesday, June 30th

The parties to the peace agreement have launched a consultative technical committee meeting to set up Truth Healing and Reconciliation Commission.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has formed thirty-three members to the Technical Committee in May.

The Committee comprised representatives from Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity, Civil Society, faith-based group, and Women leaders.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ruben Madol said the Committee is independent to make critical decisions and gather public views.

“The thirty-three members represent South Sudanese’ broad cross-sections, including civil societies, religious institutions, and different political affiliation and gender balances. It’s to ensure that the process is inclusive and can reflect the views of all South Sudanese,” said Madol

The First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, has called the Technical Committee to reconcile the nation and reach out to those affected during the conflict.

“There is a challenge that this national process must be credible, and for it to be credible, we must be transparent on it. What we will do in transitional justice is to provide a chance for the grieves to speaks,” Dr Riek said.

Dr. Machar calls the International community to help South Sudan in the implementation of the transitional justices.

The Deputy UN special representative in South Sudan, Guan Cong, said locals should own the process to make it succeed as a national driven process

Interim Chairperson of Revitalized Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission -RJMEC, Gen Charles Tai commend the effort of Unity government to implement key provision in the agreement.

I urges the Committee to work diligently and with high commitment to deliver an outcome that inspire public confident in the implementation of R-ARCSS chapter V” Gen Tai said.

Article 5.1.1 of R-ARCSS demands the Unity government gather public views that could be incorporated into the permanent constitution.

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