Parties urged to Unify Forces, Reform the Economy and Establish Reconstruction Fund

Ambassador Berhanu Kebede, RJMEC Chief of Staff

The Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission -RJMEC urged the parties to implement economic reforms and reconstruction fund as peace dividends for the South Sudanese people.

It argued that several reform programs stated in the peace agreement not yet implemented. “The economic sector reform is very slow, which is the significant chapter for the country to come into the international economic arena.”

Peace monitoring body is also concerned about the delay in graduating the unify, and training centers continue to face severe logistical constraints, such as food, medicines, and sufficient shelter.

R-JMEC called the government of National Unity to take responsibility and address issues causing the delay of graduating the forces.

Last week, Joint Defense Board (JDB) said it directed security committees to complete a unifying command structure. The committees are tasked with allocating responsibility-sharing among the forces to the R-ARCSS (SSPDF/ IG, SPLA-IO, and SSOA). And those committees shall work in line with the agreed command structure of the Army, NSS, Police, and the other Organized forces. 

Ambassador Berhanu Kebede, R-JMEC Chief of Staff, said South Sudan needs a unifying army with national characters to prevent further violence during the election. 

“We’re encouraging and urging the parties, R-TGoNU, to provide leadership, unify the forces, and deploy them into various parts of the country. This is a cornerstone of the peace agreement for the refugees to come and IDPs go to their homes, participate in the implementation of the agreement especially the upcoming election” Kebede said.

The RJMEC concerned about inter-communal conflict reported in a different part of the country and urged its ceasefire monitors to investigates the incident related to violation of the agreement include the fighting that occurred two months ago in Nasir, Upper Nile State.

Amb Kebede also urges the leaders to work as a team for the sake of peace and stability. “As government being in the national or states, they have to work together for the future of South Sudan.”

Recently several news media reported deprived working relations among the state officials appointed from different parties.

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