Patients in Bor say health worker’s strike has left them stranded

Pateint in Abyei hosptial,'s female ward

Some patients who visit Bor state hospital said no doctors or nurses attend to them. Early this week, health workers in Bor Jonglei state issued an ultimatum unless the government listened to them and cleared their arrears.

A mother of three years daughter Ms.Akon Atem said her child is severely suffering from malaria.

She stated they spent two days in the hospital admission word and could not get any treatment. Ms. Atem said the child is in severe pain, and no doctor or nurse is attending to her.

She said that her child is supposed to be given a Quinine drip, but doctors and nurses left the facilities, leaving them helpless. “The doctors came and told us that they will not be working today. Only God knows what will happen to us,” said Akon.

Another resident in Bor Nyang Akol Majak said she came to see a doctor with her son, who has skin rashes. Surprisingly, she found the outpatients’ department locked and the doctor absent.

She appeals to the government to address the issue quickly and save lives at the hospital.
Doctor Ajak Garang Akech, who works in Bor hospital, says they stopped working until their grievances were met.

Mr.Chot Kueth Kulong is the director-general in the state ministry of health in Jonglei. He said that he is aware of the doctor’s ongoing strike.

He urges doctors to return to work and save lives while discussing with partners to solve the incentives issue. “Within the next two weeks, I hope that they will get their incentives,” Kulong said.

The health workers have been demanding unpaid covid 19 risk incentives and personal protective equipment for safety.

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