Police arrested 24 people in Rumbek after Catholic bishop shot

Fr. Christian Carlassare, the bishop-elect of Rumbek Catholic Diocese

Authorities in Rumbek Lakes state say they have 24 people in detention after a catholic bishop was shot and wounded at his residence in Rumbek.

Police spokesman said those arrested include four priests and seven security guards who were around in the vicinity of bishop residents when the incident happened.

Unknown shooters shot and wounded Fr. Christian Carlassare, the bishop-elect of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, at 2:00 am on Monday.

Elijah Mabor is the spokesperson in Lake’s state. He said the bishop is in stable condition and has been flown to Juba for further medication. He mentioned that the preliminary investigations are ongoing. “All security organs are investigating the detains suspect in connection with incident occurred at 2 am.”

Mabor said a resident is a well-secured place, but there no armed guards deployed.

“It’s a well secure place only that there are no soldiers deploy in that area; there are three concrete fences, two ahead of one fence for bishop house. The criminals sneak until they reach the third fence where bishop live,” Police said.

Stephen Mathiang Deng is the minister of cabinet affairs, said the suspect is still at large but said they would provide more detail later today about the outcome of preliminary investigations.

The Archbishop of Juba diocese Stephen Ameyu Martin told a church base radio that he was sadden by the shooting of bishop elect in Rumbek.

“We’re very saddened with this news of the bishop-elect being shot twice in his feet. Miraculous, the bones were not affected by these bullets. Both legs were shot in the lower limbs, and that’s a miracle from God,” Archbishop Ameyu said.

Fr Christian Carlassare was named the new bishop of the Rumbek Diocese in March this year. The Bishop arrived in Juba this afternoon and later put in a plane to Nairobi, Kenya for further treatment.

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