Three suspects arrested in connection to the death of two people during clashes at Akong

Governors of Norther Bahr El Gazal Hon. Tong Aken and Hon: Bona Panek Biar of Warrap States during a visited to the scene of violence clashes that left two people dead and one injured at Akong village in Aweil East.

Authority in Aweil East County in Northern Bahr el Ghazal says it has arrested three suspects in connection to the intercommunal fighting in Akong village on the 8 September.  Police say those arrested include a policemen accused of causing the fighting.

The police further says two people were killed and one was seriously injured and is being treated in Aweil civil hospital. This incident happened at Akong village in Malualbaai Payam, Aweil East County. The police say the cause of the clashes are under investigation.

The SSPDF Division Three commander, Major General Bak Akoon, says the situation is relatively calm after deploying SSPDF forces at the location.

 “The soldiers will remain in the area until the investigation is finished and all the suspects, ring leaders are in the hands of the law,” said Maj. General Bak

The governor of Warrap state, Hon. Bona Panek said they have also arrested  some suspects but didn’t say the number of those arrested from Awan Chan community in connection to the same incident. Saying the investigation is ongoing to find the suspected ring leaders before starting the legal procedures.

 “The way I feel, the governor of NBeG has done his part, me as well I have done my part. When I came, I spoke to people on the other side of Ameth, and told them to be calm and let the law do its work. The people who started this issue have been arrested, and they will answer the reason why they did this. And after that, the law is there to judge who was in the wrong and will be answerable to it. I am sure the law is fair to everyone.”

Hon. Panek warned people to refrain from the notion of revenge attack. Saying “any act of revenge is a crime and punishable by law.” He urges people from both not to resort to violence when there is misunderstandings but follow the legal process to get their right.

The clashes drawn a condemnation from the local chiefs on both side calling for calm and urge the youth to promote peaceful coexistence between the two neighboring communities.

“We are all related from these two different communities, and we don’t need such violence if the dead person mother is from here in Lou, so please the community, we want to tell you to stop such characters and live peacefully.” 

“We don’t want problems among ourselves and the reasoning we introduced marketing days is to help ourselves in life. So that people can buy their goods and sell as well and wanted the marketing day to unite us, but if some people have started turning the day into disputes then they are making a big mistake.”

The two governors of Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Warrap States visited the scene of the violence clashes on Wednesday. Both leaders issued one unifying message calling for the communities to deescalate the tension, and allow the authority to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.


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