Police Boosts Night Patrol in Kwajok, Warrap State

Police officers graduated in Tonj, Warrap State. Photo: UNMISS

The Police administration has reported that criminal activities in Kwajok town have stopped.

It said the move is a result of providing incentives to police officers conducted patrols at night. According to the police, the incentive is being paid from the traders’ monthly fee contribution. 

Official added that, since the initiative started, no case of stealing or shop breaking has been recorded.

South Sudan government employee goes for months without salary makes it hard to perform their duty efficiently.

Major Andrea Santino Kuot is the Deputy Director in the Department of Criminal investigation. 

He said the police personals on night duty are being encouraged by the initiative. Kuot also applauded the traders for the contributions saying this is an inclusive effort to combat crimes.

” Yes, there are incentives for the police who work at night. And this is in the form of the food item, and it is being given monthly. The program started on the first of august up to now. So it is okay with the police.”Kuot stated.

Kuot disclosed that two to three shops could be reported broken in July before police petrol was introduced, but such cases no longer reported.

Besides, Kwajok town mayor Wol Aleu Wol says that the initiative of providing feeding to police officers on night duty shall continue throughout the year.

” The reason is that they are being deprived of food, leaving them to suffer from hunger. The officers go to search for food, and because of that, if they hear anything happening they market, they can’t go because there is nothing that motivates them. So we sat and discussed that forty percent of the money collected from the market should be allocated to them in the form of feeding,” he said.

Some traders in the area said their shops are secure, and no thieves’ cases were recorded since August.

The business owners raised money and each shop pay between 300 -500 Pounds to motivate the security officers deployed”, Traders said.

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