Police detain a man over land dispute in Warrap State

People displaced during the land dispute in South Sudan

Police in Wunrok (Warrap State) said they have detained a 30-year-old man in connection to a land dispute that left one person injured.

The suspect was believed to have shot his neighbor after the two quarreled over a piece of land in which the police were called in to intervene.

The incident happened on Tuesday in Gorayak village at Wunrok Payam.

Head of police in Twic County Lieutenant Colonel Machel Deng Atem said the police were dispatched to the scene to intervene where they made the arrest.

Meanwhile Twic County Police boss Michael Atem confirmed that the relatives of the victim reportedly carried out a revenge attack where the suspect’s properties were burnt and livestock looted.

The Police boss appealed to the public to stop violence and resolve grievances peacefully. 

“This case is for two people to justify who is wrong and who is right. And if you come and burn the house or attack, then it is a criminal case according to the law.  It is not allowed by the South Sudan Penal Law. It is called a conspiracy, a situation when you interfere in someone’s criminal case,” explained Michael Atem.

The police have ordered the arrest of those involved in the looting and destruction of the victim’s property. 

The community leader of the Pan Ajuet section, Rehan Cyier Rehan popularly known as Rehan Pinychilieu urged the relatives from both sides to stop incitement, saying the government is handling the matter. He warned of consequences by the law should anyone get involved.

The South Sudan Land act of 2009, section 2, says that every person shall have access to land for housing, cultivation, grazing, or fishing as shared resources and shall be regulated by this law.

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