Police officers detained after theft at police station in Torit

UNPOL train police officers in Torit on GBV. / Credit: UNMISS

Four police officers have been detained for investigation after thieves broke into the traffic police offices and walked away with three million pounds. The suspected officers were on duty during the incident.

Police say the money stolen on Thursday night was an income generated through vehicle plates issuing to the public.

The acting director for traffic police in Eastern Equatoria, Lieutenant Colonel Faruk Yousif says the investigators will decide the prime suspect to pay the money.

“Yes, stealing has happened in our office, but investigation is still ongoing. If the government’s properties are stolen, its investigations are done at police office,” said Lt. Col. Faruk Yousif.

“We have not yet confirmed how much the money is because people who are working in the place of money are at police custody. That is the money of every week, after report, this money is send every Friday to Juba because this is the money of the companies. By then these companies, they have account, but up to now they have not given us account for us to remit in; we are sending through money transfer. Every Friday we send this money and this money was stolen on Thursday night, it has not reached Friday,” he added.

Yousif further explained that the premises were guarded by four police officers, but they failed to secure the area.

When asked about public property safety, the officer said thieves are everywhere and are uncontrollable.

“Four people were working, but this compound is big. A thief does not know office of security or any office. A thief is everywhere only on judgement day, but any place where there is human being, a thief is there. There is not place where he is there and place where he is not. Even in the office of national security, these are human being, they are not angels and so a place where there is a human being, there is a crime,” said Faruk Yousif.

Police Inspector in Torit Municipal Council who is the spokesperson for police in Eastern Equatoria Major Justine Kelopaus Takuru told Singaita that the real suspected thieves are on run and authorities will continue hunting for them.

“The report is true. We opened a case and sent official there and found there is breakdown of the door. They broke the office of the director and jump over to the finance office. They break the box and took a lot of money, two million seven hundred and sixty five thousand. A case is opened and investigation in ongoing,” said Major Justine Kelopaus Takuru.

The theft at the Police station has raised concern from the public about the safety of their properties.

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