Political analysis welcome reinstates of elected MPs

A South Sudanese voter of Sudan's 2010 general Election

South Sudan’s political commentator has welcomed the President’s order that revoked the appointment of 35 MPs and replaced them with elected members of parliament.

Dr. James Okuk, a Political Analysis, and lecturer at the University of Juba. He said the decision from the SPLM to review its list before swearing-in of MPs is a welcome move.

On 3rd July, President Salva Kiir revoked the appointment of 35 members to the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) from the SPLM include two South Sudan Opposition Alliance’s appointees. He replaced them with new members.

Dr. Okuk said the decision is in line with the revitalized agreement’s principles.

“There was argument even during the negotiation that any MP elected in their constituency to remain in the position until the election. But it seems the SPLM secretariate charge and nominates the MPs to the National Transitional Assembly did not follow that principle. So, some members were left out who were elected in 2010. I think the complaint went to the President and I think they have revised the lists”.

The Activist attributes the delay in the swearing-in of lawmakers to party matters and calls for immediate action from the President to swear in both members of the two houses.

“People want them to be sworn in as soon as on 9th July according to what the Minister of Presidential Affairs said it publicly, they will use the commemoration of 10th Anniversary for the swearing-in ceremony of all those MPs.” 

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has reconstituted the Council of States per the revitalized peace agreement. Members from parties to the deal were appointed in a republican decree read on SSBC on 3rd July 2021.

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