President Kiir order suspension of South Supreme Airlines

South Supreme aircraft, Photo credited: (TRT World and Agencies)

South Sudan president Kiir Mayardit has directed the transport and Civil Aviation Authority ministry to suspended South Supreme Airline Operation.

The head of state was shocked by the recent plane crashed on Tuesday in Piere Payam of Uror County that killed ten people on board, including two crew members.

In 2018, a plane belonging to South West Company crashed in Eastern Lakes Regions killed 17. A similar aircraft crashed in 2020 for a cargo plane belongs to South West Aviation, killing seven people in Juba.

The majority of people who die in the recent plane crashed are six women, one child, and three men.

President Kiir sends his condolence message to families and friends whose relatives perished in the tragic incident.  

He warned, “for the nation to avoid air incidents before the laws governing civil aviation are strengthen through legislative means.”

President tabled suspension in accordance with the law as the best option to be prioritized. “This measure is necessary for these institutions to assert airworthiness of the remaining South Supreme planes. It is necessary to step to restore public confidence in the air travel in the country.”

The director for Civil Aviation at Bor Airstrip, Kuot John Akech, confirmed an incident. He says the South Supreme plane branded “L410” crashed immediately after leaving the runway at 4:05 PM. 

“The plane was carrying cargo from Juba to Pieri, and they got some people waiting at the airstrip to be taken to Juba. The passengers were 8 in number, six women, a young girl, and an older man. The crew members were two, Pilot and co-pilot. The plane was running to take off, and shortly after leaving the runway, it collapsed and caught fire. No one survived, Kuot echoed”

The cause of the plane crashed remained unconfirmed. The government dispatched a team from Juba to Jonglei states to investigate the crash.

In October 2019, four people survived with injuries after a plane crashed 12 KM away from Bor town while returning from Walgak to Juba.

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