Rapper sentenced to 40-year imprison in Kapeota

Women demonstrated in South Sudan called for justice to the rape survivors

A High Court in Eastern Equatoria’s Kapoeta town has sentenced a 32-year-old man to jail.

The suspect, identified as Marko Lokigo, was founded guilty under the law for rapped teenagers and adults at Lotian village this year. The police authority arrested him in March after he founded rapping females at gunpoint.
The presided judge ruled the man spend 40 years imprisonment for the charges read out in the court.

Singaita FM spokes to the legal aid officer for steward women organization Labrick Lomoro Gabriel.

He said the court in Kapoeta has handed a landmark decision to sentence the rape convict 28 years for rape cases leveled against him, seven years for robbery, and five years are possessing illegal firearms.

The court official also ordered the convict to pay seven cows as compensation to the family of the rape victim per Toposa customary law.

The criminal is also expected to pay 500,000 ssp for damages incurred by the victims and 140,000 ssp for the beads and telephone robbed.

The legal aid provider said the mobile court has so far sentenced six other people with similar crimes. Lomoro described kapoeta as one of the zones with rampant rape incidences in Eastern Equatoria.

He stated that the government effort continues to apprehend rape perpetrators and face justice.

“Not just in Kapoeta but everywhere in South Sudan, rape incidences have been so rampant. The mobile court that has been in function for the last two weeks has so far tried six cases and all the accused have been awarded conviction to imprisonment”. 

The convict will be will transferred to Torit for reformatory school while serving their term imprisonment.

According to the Penal Code, 2008, whoever commits an offense of rape upon conviction shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

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