Residents in Leer call for Justice of love one killed during the war

Victim of 2013 conflict calls for Justice in Leer, Unity State

Residents in Leer County have called on the government of Unity state to bring Justice during the implementation of the Revitalize  Peace Agreement.

Some of these community members said they lost their relatives during the 2013 conflict between the government and SPLM-IO. 

The calls for justice come after a National NGO, Universal Intervention and Development organization established access to justice and the human rights centre in Leer County. 

These part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and UNDP initiative to investigated human rights abuses and to educated people on their rights.  documented gender-based violence, and trains local chiefs on the rule of law.

The program shall be implemented in 16 params of leer County. More than five hundred residents have attended the launch.

UNIDOR access to justice field officer William Kuoch Malual says the project will sensitize people about their rights and the importance of justice during the implementation of the Revitalize Peace Agreement.

“The time reach, we knew that we have been in war for a while. Now, if there is peace, it is time people can know their rights. They will sensitize to know their rights. The time will come for reconciliation and Justice. People shall know new laws because we already have our customary law, which judges us. You can ask your right, and it will be put into consideration”.

Some victims whose relatives killed during the conflict said there are more human rights abuses in the areas. Many people are taking law to their own hands without accountability.

Nyawieka, said she was a survivor among the people killed in Leer during the conflict. She want those who committed atrocities to be arrested and persecuted. 

“Now people are killed on the virtue of political crisis. It is not fair that innocent people are anyhow. It is good a person dies naturally dead. Let there will be Justice prevail in the government. The law should be implementing. Let’s stop death. People killed your relative, and you will be targeted again”.

Leer paramount chief William Nyuon Manyol says the project will help the community because it will strengthen local court ruling. 

“What we can accept as traditional chiefs is that when people bring you knowledge at home about the way people are going and our government activities, it is essential. The new government is necessary because it comes with transformation. If their bad things which people are doing, they can tell you that these are not good. You might realize that they are not right and change your mind.

An eyewitness identified Magok said he saw a lot of atrocities during the war committed by army actors. 

“Those are many people who have committed atrocities. And they always went hiding after committing crimes. Raping cases are many, and they keep increasing. This program will be helpful. If girls are raped, sometimes she will think badly about the abuse did to her. It is obvious people’s rights are not being respected”. 

Resident James Ran Kuong said that Justice is not prevailing in remote villages. If someone wrongs you, you will become the first victim again. Those who have committed atrocities were also supported by their friends even if he killed a person. 

If your daughter is rape any you want to talk reality, you will be killed. One person was killed this year after his daughter was eloping by a man. Like what happened in Rubnor, when her father went to the collected cow, he was shot dead by those guys who are eloping his daughter”.  

According to Amnesty International, government soldiers arbitrarily arrested dozens of men and boys in Leer town between 20 to 23 October 2015. They were put in shipping containers located at the Comboni Catholic, and all of them died.

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