Residents push newly MPs to prioritize citizens’ needs

South Sudan's National Legislative Assembly building in Juba

People of Northern Barh El Ghazal called the freshly appointed lawmakers in the Transitional National Legislative to prioritize the public’s need.

In the newly appointed lawmakers, the NBG state has around 26 members assigned to National Assembly.

South Sudan President Kiir Mayardit has reconstituted long overdue parliament on Monday, giving people hope for smooth implementation of Revitalize Agreement.

A total of 550 national MPs from various political parties stipulated in the Revitalize Agreement power-sharing were appointed in a Presidential decree read on own-state South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation (SSBC).

The 2018 agreement has expanded parliament from 400 to 550 national legislatures for all signatories include opposition parties and SPLM-IG.

The formation of the national parliament delays beyond unanticipated dateline; the slow implementation has frustrated the citizens in such political games.

People blamed parties to the agreement on political deadlock delaying the implementation of keys provision in the agreement include the graduation of Joint security forces and reunification of armies according to the security arrangement.

Speaking to Akol Yam FM, Barh el Ghazalian expressed optimism about parliament reconstitution that coined new assignment for both states and national lawmakers on services delivery.

“I need new MPs to work much on security that affecting citizens across the Country. They say most people have stopped cultivation at the villages due to fear of insecurity, and if they work to improve, everyone will go to the town and produce their food against hunger.”

“I want MPs to stop prioritize their interests over people’s needs. I want new MPs to address the issue of corruption that has affected the development of this young nation since its independence from Sudan. We are delighted and expect changes in this Unity government,” Citizens stated.

A disabled person in Jonglei State has also called for equal representation of people with disabilities at the State Legislative Assembly, which is not yet formed.
Johnson Reech is a blind student who sat for the Primary Eight exam this year. He says lack of their representation is an explicit denial of political rights to disable person in South Sudan.

National parliament reconstitution was welcome by peace guarantors, citizens, and civil society groups as a crucial step in the peace agreement implementation.

Article 1.14 in the peace agreement stated; The Transitional National Legislature (TNL) shall consist of the Transitional Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and the Council of State.  The council of State was also dissolved but yet reconstituted.

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