S. Sudan delegations in Khartoum for Security Talk

The Minister of Interior Paul Mayom [left] and Defense Minister Angelina Teny [right] briefed the press at JIA on 26 Oct 2020.

The South Sudan government delegations are in Khartoum for a bilateral talk on joint security and political mechanisms. Three Cabinet members headed by the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Angelina Teny left Juba on Monday, October 26, 2020.

The Chief of Defense Forces, the Inspector of Police, and Chief of Military Intelligence are also part of the delegation.

Minsters to attend the talk include Interior minister Paul Mayom and minister of foreign affairs Beatrice Khamis. The delegation is part of the security mechanism established in the cooperation mechanism during the implementation.

The talk aims to address the unsolved issues stated during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement –CPA signed in 2005 that ended decades of war in Sudan. 

The two countries had a border disagreement that led to the Heglig crisis [Panthou] in 2012 over the oil-rich regions’ control.

Hon: Angelina Teny said the talk would dress border demarcation, trade, banking, and freedom of movement between Sudanese and South Sudanese people. 

 “We are going to follow up on some of those meetings. Several issues have been agreed upon, but several issues remained outstanding. So we will go and do our best to see that we address those unique issues. We feel that the time is opportune; the environment is now very conducive to signing the Sudan Peace Agreement. “Angelina said. 

The Interior minister Paul Mayom said the resumption of talks would boost the relationship between the two countries and addressed the remaining contentious issues in the cooperation agreement. 

 “We would want to finalize the issues of corridors that are being opened now. We have agreed initially on four to be open. Now the one of Reng, the one of Maganis, which is part of North Upper Nile, will also handle the one coming from Bentiu through Heglig. And we shall handle as well the one of Timtha,” He mentioned.

The foreign affairs minister Beatrice Khamise Beatrice said she would follow the payment of benefit for the South Sudanese. They served in the Khartoum government before the country gained independence in 2011.

She also highlights the need for cooperation between two Sudan “will also have the opportunity at all sideline of the meeting, the acting minister of foreign affairs. We will look at the issues we can cooperate one. One of the other infrastructures I’m looking at the railway because the railway line is essential. And transportation by rail is cost-effective, and we can bring bulky goods to our country.”

In 2017, the Ministry of Labor, Public Service, and Human Resource Development said the committee was formed to work with Sudan to finalize the payment of pensions of South Sudanese who retired before independence in 2011.

South Sudan delegation who left Juba on Monday will spend one week in Khartoum during the talk.

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