Schoolgirls win the scholarship to study in Wau

Students of St. Paul Girls Primary school in Mingkaman, Lakes State

Northern Bahr El Ghazal state ministry of education has announced to sponsor seventy-five girls pursuing their secondary school.

The winners are selected students who completed primary eight examinations in 2019.

Education officials said the girls awarded with scholarships were from remote areas lacking secondary schools across the state.

Gabriel Ater Ather is the Director of quality assurance and standards in NBGs ministry of education. He said selected female students will study at Alel Chok Boarding school in Wau.

” Our state is lucky to have benefited from the Adolescent Girls Education in Crisis Initiative. Seventy-five girls have been identified. We have been informed that they are needed next week so that they can be transported to Wau. The scholarship will cover their secondary school education until completion,” Ater said.

The scholarship is part of the National Ministry of Education effort with its partners NGOs through Adolescent Girls Education in Crisis initiative, (AGENCI)

William Aguer is the program focal point for AGENCI project in Aweil. He said the girls would be transported to Wau next week.

“Yes, we have indeed taken seventy-five girls across NBGs to be sponsored at Alel Chok Secondary school in Wau. Their education costs will be covered. This is a program that aims at encouraging girls in remote areas. We are not yet sure if we shall sponsor other children for now.”

South Sudanese women and girls are less likely to complete primary and secondary education than boys. According to the World Bank, it is estimated that seven girls per ten boys attend primary school.

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