Security forces deployed in camp15’s Kopoeta area to restore peace

South Sudan People Defense Forces SSPDF outrage after UN imposed arms embargo

Eastern Equatoria State’s government has deployed security forces at camp 15 after a convoy for Governor Louise Lobong was ambushed by unknown shooters on Monday 29th.

According to officials, a joint security forces deployed comprised of Tiger division and national security service. The number of armies deployed in that insecurity zone was not made public.

Lobong’s convoy came under heavy attack after he visited Budi County to offer his condolence following the death of 15 people in the separate incident where their houses reportedly burned.

And two of his bodyguards were killed when unidentified armed men opened fire on the governor’s vehicles.

Press secretary in the governor’s office Aliandro Lotok narrated that security personnel deployed at camp15 will stay for some time until the security situation is calm.

“Some of the forces are now already here significantly enough forces. These forces are coming here to restore law and order on the breakdown of law and order at camp15. So this is what they have come for, so they will be here for some days.

So that at least normalcy returned to this area and then people of camp 15 who left this town yesterday had to return to their houses and settle. The town was deserted, but now with the presence of the force of the confidence being built, this is the forces from the tiger division and the national security, yeah,” Lotok explained.

Mr. Lotok said the situation is calm, but the deployed forces will continue patrolling the area for a number of days until the town returns to normal.

Eastern Equatoria’s governor is currently in Camp15 to monitor the situation before return to Torit.

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