Security rearrests 15 escaped at military detention

Youth being detained in Bor, Jonglei State for alleged mastermind attacks, night robberies, and acts of terrorized citizens

A joint security operation has reported re-arrested at least 15 youth who was among those escaped from the detention.

At least 35 suspected gangs’ youth members have broken the detention center and escaped two weeks ago. They were detained at Malual Chaat military barracks.

Brigadier General Ajak Ayuen Mach, the head of the Joint Operations Force, which carried out the arrests to restore peace in the town after months of gang activity, says they have rearrested at least 15 suspects, among them those who escaped.

“Those people who used a master key to unlock chains on their legs and escaped from Malual Chaat, we have rearrested half of them and taken them back to custody. And we have also arrested some other criminals who were not arrested before. They are all in custody with us.” Mach said

Authority says the suspects will be arraigned in a court of law, Gen: Mach stated that the state’s top leadership would decide on the issue.

“It’s none of my business because the state-authorized us to rescue the public. When they threatened the community, the state called us to do this job. So, it’s the state’s authority that knows whether they will be taken to court or not. Our job is to keep them.” Mach said

The adviser on human rights, Simon Manyok Deng, says the security agents will first investigate before the suspect appears in court.

But he could not disclose when these youth will see the trial.

“Taking to the court is a process; you cannot arrest somebody now and then take them to court directly. They are being investigated by law enforcement agents, including police and even the attorney general, to see who will be released and who will be taken to court. So, they will be taken to court according to the process that is in place” Deng stated.

The relatives of the detained youth have been calling the authorities to either release them or take the suspect to court.

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