Seven hundred teachers refuse incentives citing less pay

Headmaster-MAL-School-POC3- Juba 2020

At least seven hundred and sixteen teachers have rejected incentives citing less pay.

Teachers spoke to Akol Yam Nine One said they disagreed with the team paying the incentive after deducting 2,400 Pounds.

The teachers claimed that the committee have deducted over one million seven hundred thousand pounds from all teachers in Aweil South County. A claimed we can’t independence verify.

They call on the ministry of education and implementing agent UNICEF to investigate and give them reasons of deduction.

They warned to lay down their tools if this matters is not address since many of them have been volunteering for years..

” We are not happy with the committee who came to schools for payment because the salary is under chapter one. If the administration wants to take a pound, they can take permission first, but they cut 2400 pounds without proper permission.”

” No written document that shows there is the reason why they have deducted this amount, also they threaten us not to talk about the issue saying that if you revealed this information any media, they will dismiss us from work.”

” We are ready to leave this job because we have been saving the community voluntarily for so many years. If the administration sees this incentive is too much and it is not equal with the work we are doing here, then let ministry dismiss us.”

Santino Bol Akok, the minister of education in Northern Bhar El Ghazal state, says his office is not aware of what is happening in the field.

Bol promised to investigate the teachers concern.

” During the launching of teacher’s incentive payment, I instructed all committee going out to pay teachers incentive at five counties that each is in title to get 21, 400 pounds. But there has been no complaint came to my office since Wednesday this week. Am requesting teachers who have objections to remain calm and allow state ministry of education to establish the fact on the matter.”

Early this week, at least forty-seven schools across the state were reported to miss out on the list of payments.

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