Suspect shooter of lactating mother fire squad in Lakes

Rumbek, the capital town of Lakes State South Sudan

The Commissioner of Rumbek East in Lakes State has fire squad a man alleged of killing lactated mother and infant in Pachong on Monday. A family member of the deceased suspect of murder confirmed to MInGKAMAN FM.

Commissioner Rumbek East County, Hon. Mapuor Malek Maual was said to have contacted the Governor and permitted to kill the suspect identified as Rel-Chiith Marol Kuctiel.

Eyewitness who speak in condition of anonymous said the order was from newly appointed Governor Ring Tueny Mabor.  But no official document seen governor has signed.

This came after group of youth known as Gelweng apprehended suspected and handed him over to the police before he was fire squad.

Youth leader says the suspect was identified through an individual who leaked the information related to the killing.

Police reported that a breastfeeding mother was shot dead with her baby at Pachong in Rumbek East after an unknown man fire in the house through the window. The motive remains unclear.

Makuer Dut Matong is Gelweng Youth leader in Maleng-agok. He says the alleged individual was arrested on Wednesday and will be handover to police for further investigation.

Dut discourages youth from killing women and children who are not part of the conflict in the state.

“Our conflict targeted youth it doesn’t involve children and women like last week fighting was taking place in touch between Gelweng youth. So any person who lost relatives and resorts to kills children and women is not in our custom that person should be handed over to the government to answer his crimes in the court of laws that is why we captured him by forces and called police to arrest him.”

Police spokesperson in Lakes state, Captain Elijah Mabor Makuach, confirmed the arrest.

“This morning at 7 AM, relatives and Gelweng youth managed to apprehend him at gunpoint, and the suspect was handed over to police authorities. He is now in police custody, and he will be investigated to answer his crimes.”

In May two lactated mother was killed in Akot village, and suspects are in Police detention. 

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