Sixteen people killed, 42 wounded in Tonj East’s fresh Fighting.

Cattle recovered from raiders in Lakes State

The local authority has reported that youth clashes in Tonj East County [Warrap State] have left sixteen people dead and forty two others wounded. The Fighting erupted over the weekend after 200 hundred cattle were raided by suspected youth from the Adoor community.

Police said the incident happened on Sunday in Padeet village between Luac Jang and Adoor communities’ armed youth. And only two people wounded.

Col: Maker Bath Kamich is the Police inspector in Tonj. He said the Fighting resumed on Monday morning, which leads to more casualties reported.  Mr. Bath was concerned about the absence of security forces to stop cattle stealing, leading to violence among the Tonj region communities.

“I am telling the community that stops fighting and stealing because been cattle raiding is the cause of the Fighting, so we tell them to stop, and they no understand us. Please don’t take your gun go for the raid, the owner of the cattle will leave you, which is why the Fighting started. Stealing and having guns on hand is the cause of death in the area. “He said.

Warrap state Governor Hon. Panek Biar said forces would be dispatched to the area if the fact-finding committee presents the August incident’s causes.

Multiple eyewitnesses in Tonj East County said more than thirty people had been killed when armed youth clashes with soldiers in August. The army suspended the disarmament campaign a few days later.

Biar said local authorities and traditional chief’s committee was formed to engage communities in peace before forces redeploying the forces. And calls the youth to embrace peace, stop the violence.

“Fighting cannot help the community, leave the Fighting, and starting with other things like development. People are suffering no good road, no drug in the area, because of those problems, these things are the problem people suffering, it is good to stop fright and let cooperated.” Biar stated.

Last week authorities in Tonj East reported calm returned to the area after 15 people injured in communal clashes between Luac Jang and Thiik.

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