South Sudan artists volunteer to disseminate Revitalized peace agreement.

Duop Pur Dup, Deputy Artists Union [left], John Kudusay, musician [right] at Mayardit FM studio in Turalei.

South Sudan artist union announced the plans to spread revitalized peace agreement across south Sudan. The musicians said the group would move in the ten states and administrative areas, explaining the importance of togetherness through music.

Deputy President of South Sudan Artist Union Mr. Duop Pur Duop argues that a sense of real peace would be achieved through a collective effort of all South Sudanese. Pur said there is a need to reconcile communities and put apart differences cause during the civil war in 2013.

It is a national initiative by South Sudan artist union to reconcile people in the state area. Legendary artist in the Country will be identified. Artists like John Kudusay, Emmanuel Kembe, others, and other senior musicians in the Country will be resources for the union and for the peace process to reconcile people. Duop Stated”

The artist encouraged individual musicians to organized peace concerts to restore social unity among the South Sudanese.

Another prominent musician is John Kudusay, who concern about the lack of peace in the Country. He said the nation should not be consent to government alone to fix social interactions, economic and education systems. 

Absent of peace cannon only affects one person. The absence of effect every society surrounded and, therefore, it can be an inclusive concern. All of us have to stand strong and say yes to peace and no to war. We can begin with our neighbors to have peace with and then the whole society. There are no leaders who can fight, but the supporters are the ones who fight and become the victims. And so, it is everyone’s concern to say no to support of war and yes to peace,” Kudusay said.

Kudusay appealed to everyone in the Country to begin preaching about peace, love, and unity.

Chapter five (5) of the peace agreement talks about reconciliation and healing. The Reconstituted Transitional Government of National Unity- R-TGoNU is expected to establish “Commission for Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing (CTRH) a critical part of the peace agreement the legacy of conflict and promote peace among the South Sudanese communities. This body supposed to be in place three months after the formation of the government.

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