South Sudan gives three months to foreigners, process valid visas

Gen. Atem Marol Biar, Director-General of Nationality, Passport and Immigration in South Sudan.

South Sudan gives a three-month period to Uganda nationals to process valid visas and work permits to legalize their stay in the country.

The immigration announced following peaceful protest from Ugandan in Juba this week, citing high charges of monthly visas and excessive taxes.

On Monday, Police launch a silent search in Juba, arrested foreigners who do not have legal status.

The Director-General of Immigration, Atem Marol Biar, said the number of foreigners who stay in Juba without documents has increased, which should stop. ”

“A huge number of aliens are here staying without the document more than 90 percent, especially from two countries, Eritrea and Uganda. We agree to give them a temporary stay permit for one month with the condition that let them go back to their embassies to process the documents,” Gen. Marol said

Moral warned of security threats if South Sudan continue allowing foreign national without documents.

“You must come into a country like South Sudan with a valid document. If we continue like this, it might even bring insecurity to the country. We suppose to deport those without documents, but we felt that they are our brothers and sisters from East African countries,” he stressed.

The Ugandan Community in South Sudan said the government failed to alert them about the ongoing security search.

Mr. Elias Mugaga, Chairman of the Ugandan Community in Juba, urges the police to release those arrested during the crackdown.

“Some members who are arrested don’t have migration to warn them so that they can process their documents. We also request the government give us three months to inform members in the villages across South Sudan to process legal documents,” Mugaga said.

Police formed eight members committee comprised of security organs, area chiefs, and local government officers to identify those stay in South Sudan without documents.

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