South Sudan started building its airspace and aviation station

South Sudan's Air Traffic Management (ATM) project under construction

A modern Air Traffic Management (ATM) has begun construction of South Sudan airspace and Aviation control station.

It is the first historic airspace station to be built since South Sudan got it independent on July 9th, 2011.

Development partners said airspace construction aimed to help South Sudan manage its territory and improve aviation safety. The project believes in generating considerable non-oil revenues.

China Ambassador to South Sudan, Hua Ning, said the independent, stable and reliable ATM system centers should be constructed in Juba, Malakal, and Wau.

“Air Management persuaded that objective of station is to provide one Navigation System for Airports and Routes, including 2 DVOR-DME stations in MALAKAL and WAU; One Surveillance System for Routes and Airspace, including three radar station and ADS-B equipment in JUBA, WAU, and MALAKAL.

Chinese said they would also construct a “new Communication Network System, including 6 VHF stations and HF station, A New Control Tower in Juba, One Normal Weather Observation System in Malakal Airport, Calibration Flight Test and Staff Training”.

The Chinese embassy to Juba reiterated the project would help the local government and people to manage its airspace.

“I wish the peace process will continue to move ahead, which will provide a stable environment for development while development in return will consolidate the peace process.”

China takes the lead in the project with supports from the Ministry of Transport in South Sudan.

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