South Sudanese refugees face water shortage in Kenya

Women and Children fencing water in Kakuma refuggees camp

The resident of Kalobeyei refugee’s settlement in Kakuma is decrying acute water shortage at neighboring Kenya.

The camp is predominantly home to South Sudanese communities displaced during the conflict.

One of the camp residents said the situation is out of hand, forcing women to walk long distances searching for clean water.

Ms. Agnes, who only prepared her first name to be used due to fear of reprisal, described the situation as “so disturbing” and called the UN agency to supply water.

“issue of water is the one disturbing us these days. No water. People are suffering from the issue of water. Sometimes it is brought to village two, and you will buy it with money. People are sleeping with dirtiness, and it isn’t good with women. The condition of people is bad. People are loitering with jerry cans,” She said.

The refugee’s leader urges South Sudanese leaders to fully implement the revitalized agreement and pave ways for repatriation back home.

Odhiang Akway Oman is the chairperson of Kalobeyei Refugees Settlement. He said people at the settlement are surviving narrowly due to water problems for the last two weeks.

He stated the matter reported to International NGO Norwegian Refugees Council promised to ratify the mechanical problem.

“of course, it is true that the whole three villages have been facing a shortage of water since last week, and I have been in communication with NRC, the water supplier to the community. They say that there is a mechanical problem with the machine pumping water from the ground to the community. It is tough to see around villages 1, 2, and 3. People are moving with jerry.

The camp chairperson urges the refugees to be patient as department concerns working to resolve the matter.

“People should be patient and help each another to share water with your neighbors as we all came here due to war that displaced us from our homes counties,” He said

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a water supplying agency in the settlement. Its engineering team confirmed the progress made to fix the machine that breakdown but couldn’t specify the time the water supply resumes.

Kalobeyei refugee settlement was established in 2013 to expansion Kakuma camp after after renewed conflict broke out in South Sudan.

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