SPLA-IO called for an investigation of recent clashes in Moroto

Sudan People Liberation Army in Opposition [SPLA-IO] Deputy Spokesperson, Col: Lam Paul Gabriel, spokes to reporters in Juba on Monday, 30 November 2020

Sudan People Liberation Army in Opposition -SPLA-IO has calls peace monitors to investigate the ceasefire violation after fighting reported in Moroto training center.

The Opposition army claimed that its training camp was attacked on 26 – 27 November in the Moroto area of Kajo-Keji county, and six soldiers were killed, others wounded.

 In September 2020, Major General Moses Lokujo defected from the SPLA-IO to South Sudan People Defense Forces -SSPDF, which create tension between the two major parties in the peace agreement.

The SPLA-IO Deputy spokesperson described the attack as a “violation of permanent ceasefire agreement.”

Col: Lam Paul Gabriel said their forces not ready to retaliate but demands immediate investigations to hold perpetrators accountable for the committed crimes.

“We are not going back to war, or to go back to retaliate on what happened. We will bury our innocent soldiers and will continue engaging the SSPDF to realize we are implementing peace,” said Lam.

The SPLA-IO also recommended an immediate unification of high command, and soldiers at training centers should be graduated to avoid the risk of more fighting. It blamed the SSPDF for supporting the generals defected from the Opposition.

“We condemn the attack on Moroto training center in the strongest term possible. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the SSPDF from the SPLA-IO assembly areas of Kerwa, Andujo, Kendri, Mangalore”, said Lam.

The SSPDF denied accusations said their forces were not involved in any attacks at Moroto and Kerwa. 

Brigadier General Santo Domic Chol, the SSPDF acting spokesman, said the attackers were the area’s armed youths. 

What had happened there was a petition written by the chiefs of Kajo-Kejo country addressed the governor of central Equatoria protesting about the atrocities committed by SPLA-IO in Morota as well as Kerwa areas against the population. They wanted the SPLA-IO to be relocated from Moroto and from Kerwa to get far away from civil population,” Dominic stated.

The Army official repeated his party commitment to peace implementation as the primary responsibility to create a conducive environment.

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