SSPDF accused of denying humanitarian access in Tonj

Women within Tonj East fetch water from a borehole. Water is a major challenge in this area. SHARE assignment: s120065-3 Summary: Inside South Sudan's health centres after recent conflicts have injured and killed women and children. The victims speak about their challenges during and after violence. In 2011, an estimated 350,000 people were displaced in the newly formed nation of South Sudan, the result of inter-ethnic and armed conflict. Location: Tonj Area Africa digital color
Women and children in Tonj East fetch water from a borehole after the 2013 conflict. Photo credit: Africa digital color.

South Sudan People Defence Forces [SSPDF] has been accused of denying humanitarian aid to reach the affected families in Tonj East County, Warrap State.

Local authority in the area said the army stopped mosquito nets meant to be distribute in Tonj’s Ngab Agok area.

Executive Director in Tonj East, Mabior Adeel Akol said many people were displaced during the recent clashes that he could not specify the figures.

Adeel is appealing for the humanitarian support to be offered to the IDPs. The support needed includes shelter materials and food items.

“The organization which supposed to distribute mosquito net was denied in Thiet area to enter Tonj East. And they returned after the army stop them to enter the area” He said

South Sudan People Defence Force –SSPDF’s spokesman, said the allegations cannot be verified until communication established with field commanders.

” I was unable to establish communication with field commanders to confirm what happened. And therefore will update you once get information”, Lul said.

The recent fighting between soldiers and armed civilians in Warrap State left 127 people dead, and others wounded.

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