Ten people are arrested, in connection to looting of UN compound

The UNISFA Compound looted in Gokmachar, Northern Bahr el Gazal

Authorities in North Bahr El Gazal say they have detained ten people for allegedly vandalizing and looting a UN compound in Aweil North.

A compound belonging to a United Nations interim security force for Abyei UNISFA was looted after the troops abandoned the base over the weekend.

Many of those arrested are security personnel, according to officials. Last month, youth from Aweil North issued an ultimatum asking UN Security Forces to leave the area over a land dispute.

They accused UNISFA of putting a signpost showing some part of Aweil North County as Sudan territory.

UNISFA had been in Gok-Machar since 2012 after South Sudan, and Sudan agreed on a 14-mile.

The aim was to create a buffer zone at the disputed territory between the two sisterly countries.

The police spokesman in NBG state, Guot Guot Akol, said the local community badly vandalized the compound. He said some of the items looted were blocks of cement, chairs. Beds and mattresses.

Guot says police have recovered some properties, and the search continues to recover all the missing items.

He says a committee sent from the state is in the area, and they are searching in the neighborhood to identify any looted items.

Guot says some properties are beings returned over voluntarily.

Some community members who spokes to Akol Yam 91 FM accused security forces of vandalism and looting.

They say an independent body should be formed to investigate the incident thoroughly.

They say an independent committee from the national government is required to investigate the event. They accused some unnamed officials of having somehow incited the communities and indirectly participated in the looting. A claim has not independently been verified.

The United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei has bases in Aweil North and Aweil East Counties, Northern Bahr El Gazal.

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