The suspect in connection to the double killing is in custody say authorities

Rumbek, the capital town of Lakes State South Sudan

Authorities say, a man who is alleged to have killed a woman and her infant child is in custody and has NOT been executed.

Police say, Nyitur Mapuor Chut and her baby boy were killed by a gunshot. The killing happened at Pachong in Lakes State on Monday.

Eighteen year-old Sebit Marol Kuticel from Panbarkou village, was arrested in connection with the double killing.

However, there are concerns that the arrested man has been executed – without evidence being presented in court. Local chief Sultan Majak Agok says they received Sebit Marol’s body. And he was buried at Panbarkou village, on Thursday.

Poth Madit is the deputy governor in Lakes state. He says the suspect has NOT been killed. “That is not the information I have. What I heard was that there was shooting at the scene when the man was arrested but he is in the custody of security forces in Rumbek East as we talk now. He is not killed”.

Madit says the arrest was made with the help of local youth group gelweng, police and the area commissioner.

Elijah Mabor Makuac is the police spokesperson in Lakes state.  He also denies the execution of the suspect. Makuac says the Sebit Marol Kuticel is now in custody and the report of the firing squad execution is not true.

Mingkaman 100 FM spoke to a number of people in Lakes state, some who claim to be close to the suspect Sebit Marol. They say Sebit Marol Kuticel, also known Rel Cheeth, was executed.  And his body was buried at his father’s house on Thursday.

They say justice for the woman and child has not been served. And the charges against Sebit Marol must be proven in court.

The commissioner of Rumbek East County was contacted by Mingkaman 100 FM.  Mapuor Malek refused to comment on the alleged execution of the suspect.

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