The U.S. announced 95 million dollars humanitarian aid to South Sudan

Food distribution site in South Sudan

The United States government has announced new funding for humanitarian aid in South Sudan.

The money will support displaced communities and lives serving assistance in the remote villages affected by the conflict.

International partners urged government intervention in community building while announcing a grant of 95 million dollars on Thursday. 

The fund is directed to World Food Program (WFP) to provide those needs with food assistance.

Mr. Mathew Hollingworth is the WFP Country Director. He said many vulnerable communities affected by the crisis and living remotely are in daring need of aid.

The fund come at very important time they are part of a consistent, predictable support from the government of United States to the people of South Sudan through World Food Programme” He said

Recently the World Food Programme announced the reduction of food ratio to 50 percent.

The U.S. Ambassador to South Sudan, Larry Andre, said South Sudan is in critical need of humanitarians’ assistant due to political, severe flooding and inter-communal violence. 

Diplomate is deeply concerned about increasing scale, intensity, and geographical threats of conflict in South Sudan, which affected food production.

Larry warned South Sudan should not be food-deficit while it has adequate rainfall and enormous cultivating potential. 

The Minster of humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has welcome U.S. support to South Sudanese people.

Integrated Food Security Phase Classification released this year shown an estimated 7.5 million South Sudanese need humanitarian assistance, including 6.5 million who need food assistance.

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