Three people drown in Gogrial West

As flooding intensifies in many parts of the country, Warrap State has reported three people drowned this week. The incident occurred in Alek Payam, Gogrial West County.

According to Alek Payam administrator Angelo Kol Akol, one teenage boy and two adults were confirmed died due to heavy flooding in the area. Several villages were submerged in water and people could not manage to escape, he stressed.

He said the victims drowned while crossing the flooded swampy areas, and their bodies were later recovered.

The county reported that at least seven people drowned in Alek between July and August this year.

“It is dangerous at this time because of flooding. We should take care of our family members,” Kol said.

Paramount Chief Akol Maror cautioned that the high risks people are children and elderly persons during this flooding devastation.

“I want to tell the community to stop much movement at night and early in the morning because there are so many snakebites. Please don’t leave your children at home alone although they are condition to take you out like food.” He said.

The commissioner of Gogrial West County reported having registered eleven cases of people who have drownd this year alone.

Floods have wreaked havoc in many parts of Warrap State this week resulting to displacement of hundreds.

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