Toposa and Didinga communities resolve to end conflict

The Toposa and Didinga communities in greater Kapoeta have resolved to end bloodshed and pave way for peace following a three days peace dialogue organized by Nyakirikit Consortium Organization in Ngauro Payam of Budi County this week.

The peace conference began on Monday and ended on Wednesday this week.

The two communities have agreed that those who will violate peace agreement will be arrested and handed over to the government to face the law.

The residents attending the peace dialogue have welcomed the peace treaty between the two communities.

“Fighting is really bad we give birth to children but they go and die through revenge killing for both side it is really bad and when people go for gold mining, garden or collect firewood they are being killed for nothing we have agreed to end this,” said one resident about the peace dialogue.

The two communities during the peace conference resolved that anyone found raiding cows or goats will pay the double number of animals they took.

They also agreed to share grazing lands but on agreed terms to avoid conflict.

Clement Loboya who is the deputy secretary general for Nyakirikit says the aim of the peace dialogue is to bring together the two communities to end cattle raiding and revenge killings.

He explained that their organization is working hard to deliver services to the local communities together with help of the government for better development.

“We started implementing peace process with inspiration in implement other developmental services to the communities, this is the first of its kind. We first started in Budi – Buya communities in Kimotong,” said Clement Loboya.

The county commissioner of Budi appreciated Nyakirikit Consortium for the initiative.

Hon. Akileo Mboya Peter Anyanga said when there is peace among the communities, there is easy development of the state.

He explained that the government is working hard to provide security and developmental programs to the citizens.

“The document we signed here is a good, it will bring peace. For us the peace for today means there will be no more bloodshed in our communities. What is remaining is us the government to provide you with clean water, schools, hospitals, medicines for the animals and seeds for people to cultivate,” said Akileo Mboya

He is urging youths to refrain from cattle raid and revenge killing and should follow the resolutions agreed in the conference.

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