Traders condemn security mistreatment against business community.

The view of Kapoeta Market, Eastern Equatoria. Photo credit; Chuol Jany, [April 2019]

The Traders in Kapoeta town have condemned the brutal torture by the security personnel over the food commodities increase. Business people complained that securities were criminally beaten due to economic inflation.

State authority and chamber of commerce held a talk on Thursday to stable price increases in the market. The security department was accused of taking money from traders as fine “for raising the prices”.

Anonymous traders said, “we have do mistakes we should be corrected in accordance with the law. Beating people is unlawful behavior”.

“What we are condemning the abuse as the business community. The issue of the dollar is automatic if the dollar is down prices should also reduce down, there is competition in the market”.Traders stated.

Traders empathize, that unlawful crack-down is not a solution, but an act of aggression against the business activities.

The Secretary-General in Kapoeta County David Eriga has confirmed that he is aware of the incident. He said the alleged security mistreatment of business people is against human rights.

‘’We have apologized for what has happened currently even in school general this issue corporal punishment is not there. The entire world lashing is something which is outdated even now even in the police if you are torcher a person so that they give you information going to the court that will not be taken consideration’’.Eriga said.

The Police department also confirmed security personnel illegal operation last Saturday. M. General Adil Juma Ramadhan explains that the security personnel has commanders who instruct them on what to do, but others abuse the orders and do their own things.

“This issue happened on Friday and Saturday, everyone was tortured and taken some fine, and this is the problem with security. They need to cooperate. You can send your security to do one two three, but there he or she will do something else’’.He explained.

He is urging the traders to cooperate with the security personnel to avoid similar problems in the future.

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