Twenty-four inmates are free in Aweil Prison

Inmates during their released in Aweil, NBG

Twenty-four prisoners at Aweil Main Prison in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state were set free on Monday this week.

Ajou Deng, an owner of Akoc Company, a local businessman, paid 180 thousand Pound the fines for at least 17 inmates with minor crimes.

The support was also seconded by the Governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state Tong Akeen Ngor, who pardoned seven inmates at most minuscule.

Albino Majak Autiak is the Director of Aweil Main Prison. He said that out of the twenty-four inmates freed, eight of them were women.

Those released have been in jail for six months. Others stayed longer in related debts cases. 

Twenty-four inmates have been set free by our concerned businessman, Mr. Ali Deng, and our Governor of NBGs. These inmates freed have been charged for minor crimes like fighting, Stealing, Small debts. It’s good to avoid congestion in the prison cell.

Some inmates set free spoke to Akol Yam 91. They celebrated their release. “We’re happy to unite with their families.” Others pledged to keep from criminal activities.

“I am happy that I have been freed today, Imagine I left my groundnuts and sorghum on the farm. I rush to see the garden and resume cultivation. 

“I have learned a lot from the prison, and I will avoid crimes very much.”

The prison is not good, from the food and diseases to congestion at the prison cells. I am happy to be out. What made me steal was joblessness.

The businessman who freed the inmates, Ajou Deng – encouraged those being released to avoid things that could lead to criminal acts.

He said the motive to free inmates is from his generosity as a man of God “without anything in return”


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