Two drivers narrowly escaped death on Kapoeta-Ngauro road

Road from Juba to Yei in South Sudan

Two drivers, driving public transport vehicles say they survived road ambush as their vehicle came under attack by unknown gunmen on Kapoeta-Ngauro road.

One of the drivers who spokes to Singaita FM narrated how he managed to maneuver dodging the bullets as his car came under fire at Lorobola Kraals in Kapoeta South.

He said the passengers that were in his vehicle are safe and no one was hurt in two separate attacks on Wednesday morning.

Michael Belbel explain that the attackers were wearing civilian clothes, but he could not identify them as his focus was to get out of bullets range.

“They did not injure anyone it is like they intend to scare us and loot our personal belong” said Belbel.

He said the place has become hotspot where criminal ambushed people between Kraals and Lorobola area.

He appealed to the government to deploy some soldiers along Ngauro- Kapoeta road for safer road movement of citizens.

Brigadier Garang Deng Jurkuch is the acting police commissioner in Kapoeta county. He said they are aware of multiples road ambushes but urged the community help identify criminals and reported them to the police.

Brigadier Jurkuch assures the public that his office is working hard to arrest those involved in criminal activities and make sure the road is safe for the travelers.

In August this year, three public vehicles were attacked along Kapoeta-Ngauro road of which six people lost their lives.

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