Governor Lobong convoy attacked, left two people dead in camp15

Google Map of Loriyok payam where the incident

Eastern Equatoria State governor’s office says two people are dead and three others wounded followed an attack on the governor’s convoy on Monday evening. Governor Louis Lobong was in convoy but was not hurt in the attack.

The incident happened at camp 15, about 40 kilometers South West of Kapoeta Town. Mr. Aliandro Lotok is the press secretary for the governor of Eastern Equatoria.

He said their convoy was attacked by local armed youth in 15 camp. He said that they were returning after the governor traveled from Torit to visit Camp 15 on Monday to address the bereaved families of 15 people killed on Sunday night.

Lotok said their way out of the area are blocked and have retreated to a military barrack, and the situation remain tense.
He said the incident did not shake governor Louis Lobong, and he is in good spirit as a military man. He explains that the two people who lost their lives include a wife of a soldier and one military personnel but provide no details if there are casualties on the attackers’ side.

Mr. Lotok said the fighting between soldiers and armed youth lasted 2 hours before they retreated to a military barrack.

Camp 15 is at Loriyok Payam in Budi County of Eastern Equatoria State.

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