Two SSPDF soldiers arrested for carjacking an ambulance in Awerial

The flag of South Sudan's People Defense Forces-SSPDF

The Police in Awerial County has arrested two soldiers from South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) for stealing a hospital ambulance in Awarial Center.

Police said the suspects stole the ambulance after the driver left its engine running while buying water at a nearby shop. An eyewitness said that the suspects jumped into the vehicle and drove away at high speed and later involved in an accident. However, there was no fatality though the car was damaged.

The motive behind the vehicle theft is still unclear.

Marial Akuok, the deputy Police Inspector in Bunagok, said the two soldiers are under detention under their Zonal Command for further investigation. 

“These soldiers belong to division six-under Jima Rian, and the base commander is Majak Kondok, and Zachariah Maluk is here also. They are responsible for the forces, so they are now arrested under their division,” Akuok said.

The county health director, Abraham Majok, said the damages to the ambulance would put pregnant women’s lives at risk. He said that the ambulance was for transporting pregnant women with severe complications at delivery to the nearest health center for an emergency. 

“When the car overturned, it got damaged on both sides. The side mirrors, tires, and other parts all got damaged. The front windscreen got smashed too,” Majok stated.

The ambulance was donated by Japan’s government through a partnership with UNFPA to support emergency obstetric care service in 2014.


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