U.S. condemned the attacked on humanitarian workers in Ruweng

United State embassy in South Sudan's statement

The U.S. Embassy to South Sudan has condemned violent attacks of humanitarian staff in Jam Jang of Ruweng administrative area.

An organized youth group was said to have stormed the humanitarian workers’ compound last Sunday, robbing and beating several staff that sustained severe injuries.

It is not clear why some youth launched an attack against aid workers. But several reports indicated that the youth demands NGOs employment and want non residents of JamJam to vacate their posts.

According to the Embassy, the humanitarian workers attacked were South Sudanese who are providing life-saving assistance to the country’s most vulnerable communities. The U.S. said acts of violence are unacceptable and must stop.

“We call on authorities at all levels to ensure accountability by arresting those responsible and to guarantee the safety and security of humanitarian workers who are committed to helping the people of South Sudan.  We also call on all South Sudanese to condemn those individuals who carried out this attack.”

We acknowledge the critical need for better employment and economic opportunities across South Sudan, particularly young people.

The United States said they remain fully committed to providing humanitarian assistance to the South Sudanese people.

We call on other donors and the South Sudanese government to work with the international community to support the humanitarian response in South Sudan.

In April 24th, youth groups stormed into the compound where humanitarian workers residing, staff were threatened and some are beaten.

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