UN Called the Government to Investigate Crimes Committed in Jonglei

The UN Special Representative of the Secretary General David Shaerer during the National Dialogue conference in Juba..JPG

In South Sudan, the United Nations Mission has called the government to investigate human rights abuses in Jonglei and prosecute people who have committed the crimes.

UNMISS issued a press released a report on Monday 15th, citing unlawful behavior from Dinka, Nuer, and Murle militias groups who killed and abducted hundreds of people. 

Such a brutal attack among the communities labeled occurred between January and August 2020. UNMISS and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) investigated the attacks. 

According to the report, three communities were seen “planning and coordinating attacks in broad daylight; and indiscriminately killing people with matches, knives, AK-47s and a rocket-propelled grenade.”

The report showed more than 738 people had been killed, 3220 people wounded, 39 women rapped, and 686 women and children abducted.

The Head of UNMISS, David Shearer, said “violence is driven by economic desperation after people lost their lives, home, and cattle during the flooding. The condition was also worsening by failure to appoint local governors and administrators for many months which opened power vacuum for spoilers and exploited local tensions and fueled the conflict.”

UN further naked at least fifty traditional chiefs, spiritual leaders, and some political elites, directly and indirectly, supported the “Community Base Militias.”

The government officials and opposition force actively participated in the fighting, according to an eyewitness. The calculated move reinforces political alliances and divisions that risk undermining the 2018 peace agreement.

South Sudan people’s defense force was blamed for not stopping the violence and holding those responsible accountable.

UNMISS established Temporary bases in Jonglei to intensify patrolling, support peacebuilding, and invest in basic service to help reduce violence in the state.

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