UN calls for the formation of states parliaments to expertise the priority bills 

Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Mr. Guang Cong making remark during RJMEC Meeting on Thursday, 28 Oct 2021

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan says the establishment of the States Assembly is required to work closely with the Transitional parliament to review and enact the bills on security, financial, and judiciary reforms.

Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Mr. Guang Cong made this call during the plenary session of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission in Juba. He says parties should speed up the formation of the remaining institutions outlined in the peace agreement.

“The various specialized committee should be established without delay giving their criticality in the parliamentary proceeding. This step should be followed by establishments of states Legislative Assembly and national commissions,” Cong said.

The Minister of Cabinets Affairs, Dr. Martin Elias Lomoro, said parties already submitted the lists of their states’ MPs waiting to be named.

“The ITGoNu, SPLM_IO, and SSOA have submitted their list of representatives to the states parliament, and these are all compiled ready for an appointment. Again, the dispute between OPP parties has delayed the submission of their eight representatives. However, a decision has been taken to appoint the ten states members of parliament with the exclusion of OPP parties as was the case in R-TNLA and Council of States,” Dr. Elias stated.

He (Lomoro) further unveils the government induction plan to the state’s cabinets to implement the agreement, collegiality to improve working relations, and good governance. “The Ministry of Cabinets Affairs is waiting for the budget to conduct state – state induction training coverings cabinets decision-making process and good governance in general.”

The peace Monitoring mechanism also highlights the status of the Revitalized agreement’s implementation. 

RJMEC Chairperson Charles Tai Gituai said despite progress made on the implementation of the deal. Parties behind the schedules in the agreement chapter include the graduation of forces and the permanent constitution-making process. “According to the agreement, it is 16 months to the end of the Transitional period.” 

Gituai called the Unity government to provide a concrete plan to implement the outstanding tasks in the remainder of the Transitional Period.

This week, a South Sudan Civil Rights Activist said peace implementation is at risk and proposed graduation of Unify forces likely be affected by a military coup in Sudan. The Joint Defense Board announced the troops’ graduates in the first week of November.

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