UN renewal of arms embargo provoke South Sudan

South Sudan People Defense Forces SSPDF outrage after UN imposed arms embargo

South Sudan was frustrated with a new extension of an arms embargo by the UN Security Council for one year. Arms embargo sanction includes travel ban and assets freeze imposed on South Sudan. 

Thirteen countries unanimously voted in favor of the sanction. India and Kenya were abstentions.  

South Sudan defied UN action renewal of arms embargo as unfair supervision. The government pointed out the provoking resolution, which was described as “undermine the country sovereignty,” will negatively affect the implementation of the peace agreement. 

The Security Council stated its readiness to adjust the measures in light of benchmark conditions on the ground, despite unceasing action against South Sudan.  

The Acting spokesperson of South Sudan Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Thomas Kenneth Elisapana, said the sanction came at the wrong time were the peace agreement implementation progressing effectively.  

“These restrictive measures undermine the sovereignty of the nation; jeopardize the progress of the revitalized peace agreement on the resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. By extending arm embargo, the graduation of national unify forces will be deeply affected.”  

Kenneth clarified his government was not expecting an extension dateline of the arms embargo rather than to support peace. He appeals to the international community to support peace implementation. 

“The government was expecting the International Community to welcome the positive steps to implement the peace agreement by lifting the sanction. The government needs the encouragement of the International community”.   

On 13 July 2018, the UN Security Council imposed an arms embargo on South Sudan’s territory. It mandated all UN member states to prevent the direct or indirect supply of weapons and related material, including ammunition, military vehicles, and spare part

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