Unity Government asked to establish the hybrid court

Child holding South Sudan flag, a photo used for several campaign on child marriage in the country

The European Union commanded the South Sudan presidency to establish a Hybrid court to hold people responsible for crimes committed accountable. EU comprised of Troika, Canada, France, and Germany.

According to the letter titled “Concern and call for Action” address to the presidency, the EU sends a formal memo to the president, and five vice presidents remind their leadership to implement the peace deal fully.

The formation of a hybrid court was a nervous deadlock to the parties of the agreement, triggering skepticism due to anxiety on accountability.

Peace guarantors wanted the court’s establishment to include setting up the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing, Compensation and Reparation Authority to expedite the implementation process.

The international community sends a notifying statement before South Sudan’s tenth independence anniversary on July 9th. The EU empathizes with the leaders’ respect for the public interest to help achieve the original objectives of independence.

They said the Unity government should “implement keys provision in the agreement include the immediate reconstitution the National Transitional Legislative Assembly, implement the Transitional Security Arrangements, improve conditions in training centers and economic reforms for transparent and accountable.”

EU was so worried about subnational conflicts across the country without proper accountability of people responsible for perpetuating violence.

Seven European members include Jenny Hill, Alexander Rondos, Jean Michel Dumond, Sahel Robert Doelger, Endre Stiansen, Robert Fairweather, and Donald Booth was mentioned as crucial people issuing the document.

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