Unity State collects 600 cows to compensate people killed in Warrap State

Governor of Unity State,Dr Joseph Nguel Monytuil at Inter- States conference in 2018

Authority in Unity State reported that it had collected six hundred cows to pay for the blood of people recently killed in Gomgoi, Ajak Kuach Payam.

The cows seized from the suspects’ families linked to the incident that left two women and two children dead on 31 August this year.

The executive director for Mayom County, Gadet Gany Madut, said the initiative was part of the implementation of Northern Corridor Peace Agreement signed last year.

The Agreement signed in 2018 between Unity, Warrap States, and Abyei Administrative area set term for compensation for any one killed along the common borders of these areas. 

The terms of the Agreements stated that, “Any person killed in self-defence from any community shall be compensated but not any attacker  killed”. 

Officials from Unity State said the cattle were to be handed over to Twic County Authority but no  date was set for the hand-over.

Mr. Gany said the two suspects were identified after they arrived home with gunshot wounds. Both suspects eventually succumbed to their injuries.

 “I apologize to the families of the deceased. Those who committed this crime did not agree with the community and did it in certain people’s names. As a government we agree for what happened. We are searching for the suspects, and this compensation includes those who are wounded”, Gany said.

In response, the Executive Director for Ajak Kuac Payam, Simon Aguejok Aguejok welcomed the move.

Simon claimed that the authority in Warrap State has never registered any death committed recently.

We informed our people that the law must be respected if anyone coming to Mayom County must ask himself, and he can be accompanied to Akotong, and no one can touch him. If a person is traveling from Aneet, he must report himself to Majak Military barrack to accompany him to Ajak town and be accompanied to his last destination. We told them to avoid movement at night and move at day time,” Aguek Jok stated.

Last weekend, former head of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in defunct Bul West County was reportedly killed in a road ambush in the Bombiel area. The suspect has not been arrested but, authority in Unity asks its neighboring Warrap State to investigate the incident.

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