Unity State dismissed power wrangling in Panyijiar County

Commissioner of Panyijiar County William Gatgiek Mabor

Newly appointed commissioner of Panyijiar County William Gatgiek Mabor denied County’s leadership power wrangling in the SPLM-IO control area.

Gatgiek Mabor was appointed in February as SPLM-IO nominee. But, there are a lot of controversies over his appointment. Some people say the community refuted his recent appointment citing inadequate consultation between the populaces and party leadership.

More allegations were emerging that Panyijiar County under SPLM-IO was deeply divided among the nominee and self-declare in the same party. 

The former humanitarian worker Mr. Loat Gatluok was identified as a self-imposed county commissioner in Ganyiel before the current commissioner was appointed.

Mr. Loat emerged as a unique political star mandated by some chiefs on the ground, despite former commissioner Kujiek Ruot, the acting kingpin, to welcome newly appointed Commissioner William Gatgik Mabor. 

Kujiek is now residing in the national capital Juba, allowing his deputy Gabriel Baai Gai to act until the new commissioner took over county leadership. 

Residents said Mr. Kujiek became a toothless front-runner after being banned from going to the county headquarters by his political opponents and supporters. Radio Community could not independently verify such claims.

The deputy governor in Unity State Tor Tungwar Kuicguong dismissed self-imposed group responsibility in the County for facts checking. 

He rubbished rumors about William Gatgiek being blocked from going to Panyijiar but acknowledging the contemporary objections regarding his recent appointment.  

Deputy Governor treated hearsays about commissioner blockage as unfound propaganda. The commissioner will soon go to Panyijiar after I secure a “shopper” to take him there. You know Panyijiar is over flooding, and there is no road access.

County intellectual his name kept anonymous, limited the problem to Gany Payam in where Mr. Loat Gatluok installed himself as an administrator with support from local chiefs who were not contented with the SPLM-IO proposal.      

Sources confirmed that the community did not block the newly appointed commissioner from taking over county responsibility. But, his delays depend on the state government travel plan. 

“Yes, I heard about a plane carrying some delegation from Juba to Panyijiar was blocked from landing, but there was an official statement released about such incident. People saw the plane that preferred to land on Ganyiel airstrip but could not be landed because people at the airport declined to desert it. The plane turned three times but could not land. And unsuccessfully went back,” he revealed.

The radio community had contacted several sources over leadership disputes; their views had mixed reactions about the party-political situation, but they disregard the community’s rejection of the newly appointed commissioner.

The community, both at home and diaspora were so frustrated over SPLM-IO cadres’ nominee into positions. They blamed leadership’s lack of further consultation for a competent candidate with magnificent integrity to serve in the public institutions.

Panyijiar intellectual in diaspora says they re-energize their brainpower to normalize redundant messed, restore unity, and democratic reconciliation process. 

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