Unity State prominence business tycoon dies of COVID-19

South Sudanese Businessman James Tiong Gatluak who died of COVID-19 on Tuesday in Khartoum

Prominence businessman James Tiong Gatluak has died of coronavirus in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Tuesday. His untimely death on March 16th has shock and saddest Unity State residents.

Family member in Kampala said Late James Tiong, died age 70. He has been a business tycoon before independent of South Sudan supporting the SPLA during the struggle with his business regionally and internationally.

Dr. Teny Manong said the deceased married four wives and his death create a big gap in the family. The people in his hometown, Leer County, were overwhelmed by the tragic news and shared their condolence memos on social media with his family.

An elder from Leer County, Mr. Yien Muon, described him as an ambitious national icon and man of integrity whose business skills and ability had inspired many generations. Maximizing that has been brought up by his uncle Gatjiak Teny through diligent and successful entrepreneurship.

Traditional chief in Leer and former colleague Gatluok Mabor, living in Juba IDP camp, said he ran out of the word to hear his passing on after succumbing to the virus.

Gatluok complemented the late has been a supportive businessman who helps other traders to establish their own business. He advised the decease’s family and relatives to bring his body to South Sudan for burial in Leer.

“I was together with Tiong when he was still a child. I was also a businessman at the time when he was working with his uncle. He was a good man. Whenever he saw you, he would accommodate you very well and support you with money to do business when you don’t have enough money. That was what he did, and I used to see in his business strategy.”

South Sudanese artist called K-Deng said, “I have lost a friend! In his Facebook page, he quoted businessman James Tiong Gatluak, who died this week in the increasingly outnumbered lot of business administration, financial industry who believe their role in society is to search for generating wealth and prosperity in investment, and disseminate knowledge until they believe they are last.”

In his death, South Sudan lost an exceptionally severe and brilliant commercial who had much to brag about but chose a humble, behind-the-scenes life from where he argued for more support for and less interference our public, national, and state developmental schemes.” K- Deng posted.

Bentiu Community’s Chairperson in Uganda, Both Roam Gak, described late James as “hero” And called the government of Unity state to build schools or hospital named after him for his legacy continue generationally.

Many young people and the elderly have posted several social media messages, paying tribute and honoring his contribution in the community.

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