A third year University’s student kills in Agok

University of Juba, South Sudan

Authority in Agok says a University has died of injuries allegedly inflicted by a person believed to have a mental problem.

Police reported the deceased name Ajak Malok Kou, age 25, from Nyin Ayuel Deng village, and his younger were attacked in their uncle’s house with a stick. The suspect is arrested.

The incident happened on 19 August at Mabony village in the Agok area of Abyei.

Anyiel Agon Arop is the director of police in Agok. He says three brothers were attacked by a person who is believed to have a mental problem. But has no history of violent behavior.

According to the police, the youngest was unharmed and is in good spirits but is emotionally traumatized.

Arop said they came to the scene, and the two were immediately rushed to the hospital, but one

succumbed to the injuries, and others remain in critical condition in Agok.

The deceased Ajak Malok Kou is a third-year student studying medicine at Juba University and went to the village to sell one bull to buy his school clothes.

His two younger brothers accompanied the late.

The incident shocked many people in Turalei and Wunrok, where he was held from, and his remain was brought to the county HQ before being taken to his village in Wunrok payam for his final resting place.

Some of those who saw the body, including Twic county’s commissioner, no one could say a word because they were so terrified and in emotional pain.

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