UNMISS nervous of slow peace implementation

United Nations Mission in South Sudan Special Representative of the Secretary-General Nicholas Hayom during a news conference in Juba, 3rd May 2021

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan Special Representative of the Secretary-General Nicholas Hayom worried that Peace Agreement implementation remains fragile.

The newly appointed Head of Mission had quick environmental scanning of the South Sudan political atmosphere and observed leaders’ altitude toward agreement implementation after assuming his duty six weeks ago.

Mr. Nicholas appreciated some progress achieved in the agreement but emphasized completion for the key provisions in the deal includes the amendment of the constitution and Unification of Security Force.

He urged parties to the agreement to take courageous decisions for a peaceful settlement and public interest. 

UNMISS sees insecurity coercions in the States as the most indicators risking the peace in the country for the people return to their home.

Head of Mission expressed his commitment to continue pursuing its mandates in protecting civilians, deploying peacekeepers in hot spot areas, and investigating incidents happening in the country.

 “South Sudan people have different perspectives to what is a priority and to what is required. But, I think the country’s recognition can make progress across up road ranges differently. Have you made a big step in this area? Sometimes there will be a small step in another place.”  

But, we want the process of all to be move decisively. We think it will give people confidence. People in South Sudan get confident quite quickly if they think activities well”.

Nicholas condemned South Sudan Red Cross worker’s attack in Torit. He cautioned communities to cease intimidation of humanitarian’ workers who provide aid assistant to vulnerable people. Attacking aid workers is counter-productive, which will affect the communities. 

“Humanitarians’ delivery is critical, and yet in this country, there were some of the worse conditions that humanitarians work in anywhere in the world. And we believe it will not be productive to provide additional threats including threats of serious violence advance by some youth group,” he warned.

UNMISS says youth demands forcing NGOs to employ people from their area is contrary to South Sudan law.  

Nicholas Hayom was appointed April this year, replacing former Special Representative David Shearer, who has headed the mission since December 2016. 

The U.N. Security Council voted last week to extend the peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, with a mandate “to advance a three-year strategic vision to prevent a return to civil war” and build peace both nationally and locally.


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