Use tax money to repair the damages road in the state, NGO’s representatives said.

Google map of Turalei town, Warrap State

Some of the international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) operating in Warrap state have rebuked government requests to contribute fuel for road repairs in the state.

This week state government wrote a letter which was circulated to all INGOs and NNGOs) copy of it seen by Mayardit FM in Turalei requesting them to contribute in kind fuel worth (6,400 USD) for roads repair work in the state.

Letter from Twic authority

Some of humanitarian organizations said the initiative of repairing the road is a good idea but not part of their activities and declined to offer any support.

Ms Achel Barac Atem, the head of NGO MADA. She said the renovation of the roads would help beneficiaries of food assets to get assistance on time. But she cited that her organization not working on developmental projects.

Some residents questioned the uses of personal income tax NGOs employees pay monthly to government to divert the money for road repair.

The Secretary-General of Twic government says the personal income tax generated regularly from NGOs is too little to support their development ideas.

Nyuol Kon Mawien explained that NGO workers are not many in his area.

‘’There are no many employees for the organizations working in Twic, we only receive nine thousand dollars after four months, and this work is emergency because it cannot wait more months. So what we did was a request to help. Kon said’’

Last week, Twic and Abyei authorities launched the repair of road Linking Nyindeng Ayuel with Abyei town.

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