Visually impaired persons in Yirol want govt set up schools for the blind

Image Credit: USAID

Lakes State government is asked to give opportunity for blind people to learn as many visually-impaired persons wish to pursue the careers of their choices.
A 38-year-old visually-impaired student Simon Kuch Majok calls on the Minister of General Education and Instruction to establish a school for the blind in Yirol town.

The visually-impaired learner made his remarks to Mingkaman 100 FM on Wednesday during the commemoration of the International Literacy Day celebrated in Yirol town.

Speaking to Mingkaman FM, Simon Kuch Majok said blind students face challenges of attending classes in Juba due to the lack of school in the area.
He says having access to a visual-impaired educational system in Yirol town would help cut down some expenses for them.

“I want to talk to National Minister for General Education and Instruction to open a learning institution for blind students in Yirol to have access to education like other disabled children in the community,” Said Simon Kuch.

Majok said he’s in coordination with Buluk School for Blind in Juba to support the opening blind school in Yirol possibly.

“If the Minister accepts, I coordinate with my team members in Buluk School to send teachers to teach blind in the field. There are qualified teachers there in Juba only that we lack blind school in Yirol here,” he said.

The Minister for Education was not available to comment on this story.

According to the UN Children Organization (UNICEF), the visually impaired persons in South Sudan have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic amid fractured livelihoods and negligible support from the state.

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