VP Rebecca Nyadeng visits Torit to address youths’ grievances

The Vice President of Gender and Youth cluster, Rebecca Nyadeng de' Mabior.

The Vice president of the Gender and Youth cluster in the Unity government has lead delegation to eastern Equatoria on Monday, June 28, 2021

H: E Rebecca Nyadeng de Mabior arrived in Torit this morning to address youth concerns that lead some humanitarian’s organizations to suspend their operation in the area.

In April, a group of youth known as Monye-miji from greater Torit counties petitioned the state government, demanding fair recruitment in the UN and NGOs. This came after South Sudan Red Cross staff were assaulted at the state capital.

In the office of Eastern Equatoria state governor, the Press Secretary, Mr. Aliandro Lotok, says the Vice President has met with the youth and called them to stop the violence.

He says discussion between youth and top leadership has resolved to form Labor committee with hope to end youth concern.

The high-level delegation from the national government was alarmed by youth uprising against humanitarian agencies due to unfair employment policies’ claims.

VP Rebecca Nyadeng heard from representatives of the aggrieved youth, political leaders in the state, and the NGOs/ UN agencies on the ground.

“When this case reached Juba, it is magnified, and it became a concern. So what people heard about Eastern Equatoria from Juba concerning the Monye miji issue was so bad from the other side. Still, her message to the people of EES was that you don’t need to use violence as a way of really addressing your grievances”. 

“The most important thing was that there was an understanding that now people should leave it to the government to handle the case. That committee that the government formed is supposed it works, and nobody should take the law into their hand.”

The Vice president Rebecca Nyadeng was accompanied by senior government officials, including the National Minister of youth and the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.



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