Women Activists call for Mayen ‘dismissal

South Sudanese Women's Right Matching in Juba on Monday 9th August 2021/TRC photographer

Women rights activists matched in the parliament and Ministry of Gender demanding immediate dismissal of Peter Mayen Manjongdit, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

The Activists carry posters with the hashtag Peter Mayen, a disaster “justices for Aluel Messi, zero tolerance for GBV in South Sudan, violence against women is a crime, not a family matter.”

The right campaigners wrote a petition submitted to the Minister of Gender and Reconstituted Parliaments, respectively.

In the communique, civil society condemns the acts of beating, stabbing, and torture Aluel Garang underwent due to violence from her husband. “In solidarity with Aluel Messi, the South Sudanese Women Leaders, Women’s Right Organization, Civil Society and Activists call for the dismissal of Hon. Peter Mayen Majongdit.”

The Women group has described Ms. Aluel as South Sudanese Icon and an inspiration to many young women with talents in sports and leadership.

This year, Ms. Aluel Messi is a footballer who plays for the Aweil club in South Sudan’s Women League.

In April, Mayen reportedly stormed the pitch and demanded his wife leave the match. That incident resulted in the shooting at the fetch, but no one was injured.

Women rights Activists said such acts are unacceptable.

“We want justices for Aluel Garang. We want justice for gender-based violence victims. We want justice for women who have been in marriages, and they had no say at all. We don’t want men who beat up women and still see them holding govt positions.”

“Anything to do with violence is not domestic affairs of the family, and that we’ve to take it out of our minds. It’s a public issue. He will do it today; another Minister or a man will go doing it.”

“Punishing or torturing one woman is like punishing all the women. Considering that we’re a women-led organization, we are calling respect for gender equality.”

The Deputy Speaker of National Legislative Assembly, Hon. Nathaniel Oyet Pierino assured the woman that leadership of the parliament will table the matter.

“We, as parliament, especially the leadership, are grateful to receive your petition. It’s good that you didn’t choose violence. If the right of Aluel Messi has been violated, we regret this as parliament,” Oyet said.

Last week, the People’s Liberal Party revoked the membership of Hon. Peter Mayen Majongdit, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs in the Transitional Unity government.

The party is a signatory to the revitalized agreement signed in 2018.

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